My Patents

Ka-Band integrated active feeds for multiple beams
• Date: 18/05/2016
• Ref: ESA PAT X44
• Pierre Bosshard, Cyril Mangenot, Frederic Michard

Array antennas having a radiation pattern with a controlled envelope, and method of manufacturing it
• Date: 18/10/2012
• Ref: WO 2012/140471 A1
• Cyril Mangenot, Giovanni Toso and Carolina Tiendra Herrero

Dual-polarisation reflectarray antenna with improved cross-polarization properties
• Date: 22/06/2011
• Ref: EP2337152 (A1)
• Jose Antonio Encinar Garcinuno, Manuel Arrebola, Wolfgang Menzel, Giovanni Toso, Cyril Mangenot

Multiple beams antenna (Antenne multifaisceaux)
• Date: 24/07/2007
• Ref: FR/2 897 722
• Antoine Roederer, Cyril Mangenot, Peter Balling

Radiating source for a transmit and receive antenna intended to be installed on board a satellite
• Date: 14/06/2014
• Ref: US2001003444 (A1) FR/09.12.99/ FR 9915527
• Cyril Mangenot, Yann Cailloce, Jacques Maurel

Linear array antenna
• Date: 26/06/92
• Ref: WO9300723 (A1), FR/28.06.91/ FR 9108080
• Cyril Mangenot, Gerard Caille, Paul Mongrand, Michel Gomez-Henri

Method of forming the radiation pattern of a high efficiency active antenna for an electronically-scanned radar, and an antenna implementing the method
• Date: 04/03/91
• Ref: US5124712 (A), FR/09.03.90/ FR 9003028
• Gerard Caille, Cyril Mangenot